thriving in the new economy


With populations on the move, IVEK and a partner designed a program for improving business skills, to help with employment and social stability. We are fully aware that both economic and environmental realities will cause social disruption, and we want to be part of the solution. We have taken initial steps noted below, and are using our learnings to build new initiatives.

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

We have partnered with the SQA in delivering college and university level courses, along with English language training, to a Mexican university – Universidad filadelfia de Mexico. The project was approved by the Mexican government for offering business courses in English for credit in the Spanish-speaking university. The project attracted a lot of interest, so we are preparing to move it forward.

ACADSOC (China) Online Academic Society

We created an online teacher training program for ACADSOC with attention to their less experienced ESL teachers. They have used it in training thousands of these teachers, and it has a good record of success. We are now planning to develop a mobile version for ourselves, that we will soon be branding for our own use in conjunction with special programs such as the SQA interest in Latin America.

ATHE Awards for Training and Higher Education

A partnership with an organization in Dubai and Bangalore has introduced us to the resources in England that are analogous to those of the SQA. We are close to confirming step 1 of that relationship. It is in this context that we are considering seeking to open an Ontario Private Career College, inasmuch as online students will not be required to seek visas , as “live” international students would.

Mexico through Latin America

The project at Universidad filadelfia de Mexico, and approved by the Mexican Ministry, was then presented to international gatherings in Chicago and Houston. It was met with interest as a project of potential value to both immigrant populations and universities. We have not been in a position to staff such a venture, but work on that possibility is progressing, such that we might now produce a new schema. 

"In Toronto Prep's fun-filled atmosphere, I studied the basics of business English. Currently I am attending Mount Saint Vincent University pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration. If possible, I would like to stay in Canada after graduation.”
Wael Mejjialid
Saudi Arabia

May 2020 - two current priorities

Along with ongoing attention to the above development and follow-up, two major projects are top of mind for ivek

IVEK with KKJ Group 


Dr. K K Joseph is the Founder and Chairman of the AI Swiss Group of companies. Through the good services of Carlos Benzaquen, the KKJ Group and IVEK have partnered in a plan to offer credited degree programming at all academic levels, through collaboration with degree granting institutions in Canada and India. 

Collaboration discussions are under way in both countries. 

The plan from the outset was for the programs to be essentially online at the doctoral level, with mixed online and live options for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. 


In addition, IVEK is engaged in pending partnerships through which we will develop a matrix of sociology and  social history programs. 

Certain of these will deal specifically with first nations. 


As these matters progress, we will provide further information, and possible points of entry for those interested in participation or possible joint ventures.

Partners with whom we are engaged will soon be named.

Unimaginable are the implications of global health, environmental shift, and economic disparity – now and in the immediate future. Education about the challenges, and education as one of the required responses to the challenge – is something we hope our partnerships will help to address.

It is our plan that IVEK (Canada) design and deliver a mobile learning system which will have the following immediate goals:

  1. Allow users to develop initial skills in the English Language
  2. Allow more experienced users to develop skills in business English
  3. Introduce users to the requirements of being a citizen in European and North American countries
  4. Introduce users to the mores and methodologies of doing business in an international context
  5. For all users to acquire European or Canadian qualifications in the areas of:
    1. Business
    2. Leadership
    3. Management
  6. All learning to be accessible by smart phone, and capable of interoperating with local learning centres across all migration pathways.

Our primary initial partner in this is the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), along with a colleague with whom we have designed the project, and with whom we have worked on the earlier Mexico project. 

These are first steps.