an economy on the move

English Business Skills for Professionals (CSP)

English as a Second Language (ESL)


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times have changed at ivek

our Communication Skills for Professionals (CSP) will now be partnering with the courses, certificates, and diplomas we brought to mexico, as well as with new international business and education partners

Cultural interaction has never been higher, populations are on the move, and employment and social stresses loom in all directions. Education related to employment, but also social interaction - local and international - has not been more urgent - perhaps ever.

Ontario, Canada High School, as College and University Prep, along with learning english as a second language, are now offered through partner schools

Effective immediately, we are promoting Ontario, Canada high school credits to post secondary entrance, meeting all government requirements, in an online partnership. In a similar partnership, we offer ESL online. These partnerships allow us to continue to offer these important programs, but to focus our own time on the special developments that have grown out of Business and Economy related projects.

old and new partnerships, in collaboration

Partnerships with educational institutions and corporations alike, will enhance our contribution to education. These pages will introduce you to that!

From our house to yours – we can meet you here or anywhere, with tailored studies for an individual or a group.